2017 Sewing Goals/Wants

Hello and a Happy New Year to you!  In the spirit of the new year I have decided to post about my sewing goals for the year.

There are four things I would like to change in my sewing adventures.

  1. Sew slower and fix mistakes as they happen.

Confession: I enjoy planning and the researching of a make more than the actual execution.  I tend to sew quickly to finish the item.  I do enjoy the sewing part but I ultimately want the finished garment so I can move on to the next planned thing.  Which leads me to number two.

2. Work on fitting my body.

This involves toiles.  Toiles take time.  This will help me with my patience.  I have plenty of fabric to waste on toiles.  But then it really wouldn’t be a waste if I get a nice fitting garment that I can make again and again.  If I do this then number three will be easy.

3. Decrease my stash.

About a year ago I re-organized my stash and counted, it was over 500 yards of fabric.  Unfortunately most of this fabric was acquired before I knew what quality fabric was.  There is at least 30-50 years of good stuff, maybe more.

4.  Finish all projects started.

There are about nine things that I have in my UFO bucket or lying around my sewing room.  We will round that up to an even 10 considering I am bound to find some more unfinished projects.

I will plan to finish one UFO and one item from one of my sewing lists per month.  That leaves lots of time for toiles and time to sew slowly and fix any mistakes.  My lists consist of one for me, one for my son, and one for my daughter.  I have already finished my UFO for January.  It was to reattach the binding to a blanket I made out of Curious George panels.  I had to redo the binding because of the stitching.  I had used an older sewing machine with insufficient stitching.  The stitches are even now and the mitered corners turned out better than the first time.  I’m very pleased.  Hopefully I can plan on posting one post a month to show my progress.

Hope you all have a very great year!

Much kindness to you and yours.



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