Project Dump

Wow after sewing almost every single day for a month I think I just needed a break.  Today is the first day since I finished what my husband refers to as the Flower Tato Sack, that I have had an urge to sew.  Here are the last three entries for the PR Kids clothing contest.

Oliver + S Field trip Raglan tee for the boy.  It came out great as always, I love this pattern and to date is my most used pattern, made it three times with no intentions on stopping.  Already have two more planned.

Here is front, back, and in action at the park. We had a picnic lunch there when my Mom (Mimi) came to visit last weekend.

Number 2 is the vintage pattern I had.  It came out great.  I’m so glad I didn’t make this for my son as it would have been way too girly.

Pattern is Simplicity 7239 view F.  The pants came out huge and instead of unpicking the elastic, which I sewed to the pants and flipped to inside instead of using a casing, I just serged off an inch on both sides which I think was just a smidge too much.  She can crawl in them just fine, but there isn’t really any wiggle room.  The shirt is adorable although my MIL thinks that it needs another closure.  It has you put in two buttons but I used one because I thought it was amble closure.  Oh well I don’t think she’ll be wearing this one anyways.  Maybe I can put her in it on the weekend.

Number 3, the best for last is McCalls 6726.  I loved how this potato sack turned out!  It is so adorable on her and I am shocked that it didn’t get more votes on the PR contest.  Of course my pictures weren’t the best.  I am horrible at pictures and I took them last minute, at night, so I guess I do know why I didn’t get that many votes, haha!  Anyways I love my flower tato sack!  She was the prettiest flower at the park that day!  I also made the shoes from pattern Simplicity 8098 to go with it.  The shoes were so EASY to make, I bought more fabric to make her another pair.  I just have to remember to add glue gun dots on the bottom for more traction.  I saw that on Pinterest and thought it was a good idea and wanted to try it out.

So that’s about it for now.  Both these babies are sleeping so I had some time while I wait for them to wake.  Next up I plan on finishing all the other outfits I had planned for that contest: Burda pants for boy, pajamas for boy, and another dress for Miss flower above.

Kind wishes to you and yours!



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