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His and Hers Simplicity 1473

I have some sewn items completed from my very ambitious plans.  I made the boy a shirt.


and I made the girl a dress.


They turned out great!  I made the shirt first, it took was completed in 3 morning sessions.  It took 3 instead of 2, like the dress, because of a serger malfunction.  Half way through the second sleeve cuff one of the needles broke.  It was very frustrating because I had recently changed needles and I didn’t have any backups.  That being said it might have been inserted incorrectly and maybe that’s why it broke.  I have replaced the needles before though with no problems.  I couldn’t get to JoAnn’s for more until Saturday so I just finished the cuff with a zigzag.  I could have still used the serger with a three thread over lock stitch, but I don’t like how that stitch looks.

The dress was stitched all on the sewing machine using the lightning stitch.  I trimmed all seams to 1/4 inch and coverstitched the hem, as I did with boy’s shirt.  The dress was much faster! I should make everything in two’s.  hahahaha

I brought my makes to work with me yesterday to show my friends and I finished the last item, the buttons.  They are really cute, I got them from Hobby Lobby, they are typical covered buttons.  The set had dinosaurs and coordinating prints and I only had to buy one set because the polka dot button worked perfectly for the dress.  Double score because sewology items were 50% off last week.  The buttons really make both garments pop.

It was too cute when my son saw his shirt he growled and said “Dino-war” (his word for dinosaur).  I love all his mixed up words!

Next time  more makes for the contest!

Much kindness to you and yours,



2 thoughts on “His and Hers Simplicity 1473

  1. Nice! But, the girl’s dress – is it to make sure she won’t crawl far? I found that with my own daughter (now 18), anything she ended up crawling into meant I got an extremely frustrated child. 😉


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