Pattern Review Contest: Boy Plans

I have always wanted to participate in one of Pattern Reviews’ contests for a while now.  For me the planning process of a sewing project is almost as fun as making the item itself.  So I plan our all these entries but don’t ever actually do them.  THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT!  This is the perfect contest for me to enter.  I think what has held me back from entering before is that I haven’t perfected the fit alterations needed for my body.  That is not an issue for sewing for my kids!  I also think I might have a small advantage in this contest as well.  My children are gorgeous.  Whenever I have posted a review on PR’s website all the comments have been more about my kids than about the actual garment itself.  Of course every parent thinks their kids are beautiful, I just hope i have a glimmer of hope to win.

My plans are quite ambitious.  I have five things planned for my son and six things planned for my daughter.  Two things I have made before for my boy so I think these will go quite quick.

First let me point out that my son is a BIG boy.  He is 3.5 years old and is the average size of a five year old.  He is 48 pounds and 43 inches tall.  In RTW he can wear a 4T/5T and kids size small.  He wears a toddler size 12 shoe.  My husband is 6’2″ and I am 5’9″, so needless to say he comes from large stock.  Really the only changes I’ve had to make for him so far is a big butt alteration.  He has a nice bubble butt, poor boy gets that from his Momma.

The first pattern I’ll make for him is Butterick 6126

b6126_02in a size 4.  I’ve made this for him before, 2 years ago, and we wore those jammies out!  I want to make him two pairs.  Just using a black broadcloth for the shorts and pants, views E and F respectfully.  The shirts will be view C using a Toy Story print with Buzz and Woody (his choice) and a Michael Miller print called Mid Century Modern Mobiles (my choice).  I think I’ll use Kam snaps on one shirt and buttons on the other.

Second on the list is the Oliver & S Field Trip Raglan.  olv-os035fs_prod_full

I just made him this last month using a size 5.  I made the sleeves short by measuring three inches down from the armhole and using a 5/8″ hem.  The sleeve length turned out perfectly.  The length in the torso was great as is.  I’m going to use a Robert Kaufman emerald green zigzag print as the main fabric and a black knit for the sleeves and neckband.  I twin needled hemmed the previous shirts but think I might try my new coverstitch machine this time.  I need to practice using it so I feel more comfortable.  Right now if just sits on my table.  My serger had a similiar beginning but I got over my anxiety with that a long time ago.

Burda 9441 pants are to complete the look with the raglan tee.  I have some black scrubs that no longer fit me so will recycle the fabric.  I’ll use the same zigzag fabric for the waistband, or maybe just some green ribbed knit depending if the Robert Kaufman knit has enough stretch.

The last thing planned for boy is Simplicity 1473, a hooded shirt, view B.


I’ve been meaning to make this shirt for him since the pattern came out.  Lets just hope that I’m not too late considering the largest size in the pattern is a 4.  I’ll compare the pattern pieces to the raglan shirt for reference to see if I need to make and adjustments.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I have to lengthen or widen at the waist.  I definitely have to increase the hood if he wants to have it functional.  My child has a large head!  I want to use another Michael Miller print called Dino Dudes in the gray color way with an orange contrast.

So those are the boy plans.  I’ll be back soon to share my plans on Miss baby girl goals.

Kind wishes to you and yours,


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