6 am Sewing Time

Good Afternoon all!

My name is Michelle, most friends and family call me Shelly.  My hobby is sewing.  I love it, I live it!  Most of the time I am thinking about it, and talking about it.  It’s my de-stressor, I find comfort in fabric and patterns.  I have a very large stash of everything related to my hobby (fabric, patterns, notions).  Last count I had over 700 yards of fabric.  According to my Pinterest boards I have 915 patterns. Needless to say I have a problem.

Time is an issue for me.  I buy more than I sew.  You see I am a mother of 2 and work a 40 hour week with an extra 10 hours in commuting.  I used to sew at nights, after I got the kids in bed.  That was not working for me.  You see my children are young.  My oldest is 3.5 and my youngest is 7 months.  That 7 month old is teething. She wakes up every 1.5-3 hours almost every night.  My sewing time was being interrupted constantly and I was getting frustrated.  But it occurred to me one night while rocking the baby that the mornings are nice and quiet.  The only problem with that was that I am NOT a morning person.  You will not get a word out of me until I’ve been up for an hour, I usually just grunt.  So for the past two weeks I have been going to bed early (1030-1200) and getting up at 6-630 to sew.  It is wonderful!  My time is not interrupted and I get to sew EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Being able to sew every morning puts me in a great mood.  It is a wonderful way to start off my day, and I am getting a lot accomplished in my time in the mornings.

The other subject I wanted to talk about in this post is the name of my blog “The Blue Room.”  Growing up in the summers we always would visit my Grandparents home.  In the upstairs of their house were three rooms.  The blue room, the purple room, and the pink room (which was my Grandma’s sewing room).  My brother and I used to fight over which room we would get to occupy while we were staying there. I just always loved the fact that we called the rooms by their color and wanted to do that in my house when I grew up.  Blue is my favorite color and one of the reasons I chose it for my sewing room.  We don’t call any other rooms by their color in my house but we do call my sewing room the blue room.  It makes me happy!

For my next couple of posts I plan on giving a tour of my sewing space, going over my plans for Pattern Review’s August contest: “The Sewing for children Contest”, and maybe a post about my background and connections to sewing.

Kind wishes to you & yours,




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